BoneView Trail Camera Viewer for Iphone 5/6 & Ipad

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BoneView allows hunters to check trail cameras in the field using their smartphone!  BoneView can VIEW, SAVE, SHARE, and DELETE photos or videos from your trail camera SD cards.  With BoneView, hunters can instantly see which cameras are hot, what deer are in the area and make last second stand selections based on real-time trail camera data to improve their odds at success.

BoneView eliminates the need to carry heavy laptops or extra SD cards into the field.  In addition, you can instantly text your trail cam photos to your friends or share them on social media.

This BoneView model is compatible with all Apple iPhone 5 & 6 series and iPads which use the 8pin Lightning Connector.  A free app from the App Store is required as detailed in the included instructions.  No batteries, internet or cell service is required to use BoneView in the field.  

A free Lightning Extender is inlcuded with each BoneView to make BoneView compatible with all protective phone cases including LifeProof and Otter Box.